SEO Should Flow for the Reader

>SEO Should Flow for the Reader

It is easy to tell materials written for humans to read and those written for search engines. A huge mistake with SEO is to write for the search engines. It turns off the reader, and they will lose interest quickly. Keyword stuffing can prevent your information from being indexed by the search engines. There is so much more to this process than just a few keywords in motion.

A better way is to use variations of keywords so you don’t repeat the same ones again and again. Learn about keyword density so you don’t overdo it. When you conduct research about your niche audience, you can confidently select the keywords to include. Always write for your reader and not the search engines. Yet you need valid SEO methods included in it. A great way to make sure nothing falls through the cracks is to let a professional lead the way!

Keyword Stuffing

One of the worst ways to go about your SEO is to stuff keywords. This is obvious as someone starts to read it. They get annoyed early on at the repeat of certain words again and again. It is a turnoff. While they may not understand SEO, they do know that it is poorly written and they will leave your website or other location in a hurry because of it.

When keywords are used, they should be gently sprinkled throughout your materials. Pay attention to keyword density too. There are free tools online to help you with this. As a general rule of thumb, keep the keyword density below 3%. This means only about 3% of the total number of words are of any given keyword or phrase.

Use Variations of Keywords

With some creative writing skills, it is easy to incorporate variations of keywords. Rather than using the same one again and again, use those that are similar but won’t be repetitive. It takes time to figure this out and practice to get it right. With the variations though, the materials can flow for the reader. They won’t be distracted as they read it and the longer, they stay with it, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Research Terms your Niche Audience Uses

Never guess when it comes to the keywords to use for your niche audience. Carefully research and evaluate what they type into search engines to find information. What questions are they asking? What lingo and terms do they use the most? The more you understand your niche audience and information about them, the easier it is to hit the target with your SEO.

Such research isn’t a one time thing either. This is because customer information and demands change with time. Factors and variables such as your competitors, trends, the economy, and their peers all influence how they search and what they use to search by. Staying on top of it, moving in a new direction when needed, and being a leader through forecasting will help with SEO results.

Don’t Write for the Search Engines

While SEO is a necessary part of gaining rankings and traffic, don’t write for the search engines. Going that route is going to hold you back rather than driving the business forward. Get into the habit of writing for the reader. What are they asking about? What can they benefit from? How can you teach them? Showing them you care and that you are an expert in your field will help you gain their trust.

Consumers have plenty of options when it comes to who they will buy from. They will buy from a company they recognize and one they can count on. When you show them you are that entity, they will make a purchase. This is the path to create a long-term relationship with them and they can buy from you again in the future. It also promotes word of mouth marketing so they can tell others what a great business you offer!

Let a Professional Lead the Way

SEO can be time consuming and overwhelming. It is hard to get it right when you don’t have all the necessary information. When you let a professional lead the way, they can help you identify pitfalls in your strategy. They can help you incorporate changes so you see traffic and boost sales. With  you can be confident you are working with the best of the best!

It may surprise you how effective and affordable professional SEO can be! The right provider can help you fill in the blanks and see results. You may have a small budget to begin with, but don’t worry. As your sales increase, you can then work with the professional to allocate more towards SEO. It is always a work in progress, never completed. The right professional to dedicate time to the process will pay off!


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