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Recovering from an injury or other health issue can take time. The right equipment at home allows you to recover there rather than in a facility. Not only is this less expensive, but it also gives you a chance to rest and recover in familiar surroundings. Renting a medical bed is a practical way to ensure your needs are met.

With many injuries or ailments, it isn’t possible to rest like you should in a regular bed. A medical bed can be the best solution because the position can be changed. It can go from being flat to angled with the touch of a button. There are separate controls to allow the head of the bed and the foot of the bed to be raised.

With the head of the bed raised, a person can sit up to eat or to read. They can change positions often so they don’t get sore. When a person is in the same position too long, they can develop bed sores. The foot of the bed can be raised to offer comfort, but it can also help with the recovery process. It may be necessary for one or both legs to be raised to reduce the risk of blood clots too.

Where to get a Medical Bed

Take your time to evaluate providers before you get a medical bed from them. What do they offer? Is the equipment well cared for? Do they have an excellent reputation? They should have flexible terms and excellent prices. The provider should help you get all of the details taken care of for delivery, set up, and then pick it up when you no longer need it.

One of the great providers is https://beck-orto.pl/ .  As you explore their website, you can see all of the different medical beds they offer. They can help you select the best type for the injuries and recovery of the patient. They can help you find one that fits well into the room where it will be placed. The right features also make a difference in the versatility and benefits of renting a medical bed.

How Long to Rent it?

It makes sense to rent a medical bed when there isn’t an ongoing need for it. However, you may not know initially exactly how long you will need it. Don’t worry, providers understand this and they will work with you. They tend to offer weekly and monthly rentals. Give them an estimated timeframe based on the medical information you have.

Since everyone recovers at their own pace, you may need the medical bed for the patient a bit longer or less than anticipated. Read the terms and conditions of the rental agreement, there should be information about simply calling them to schedule a pick up when you no longer need it. In the meantime, they will continue to charge you as you agreed – weekly or monthly.

Delivery and Pick Up

You have enough on your plate helping someone get a medical bed rental in place. Scheduling the delivery and pick up should be a piece of cake. When someone is going in for a scheduled procedure, have the bed delivered a few days in advance. Then it will be there when they come home from the hospital. With emergencies such as a vehicle accident, you can contact them as soon as you know the patient will be going home. Most strive to deliver the same day or the next day for you. They will pick up the medical bed as soon as you let them know it is no longer needed.

Proper Use

To ensure safety and overall comfort, it is essential to learn how to properly use the controls for the medical bed. For safety, the wheels can be locked so the bed doesn’t move. Railings can be up so the person doesn’t fall out of the bed while sleeping or unattended. The provider should share how to properly use all the controls and features on the medical bed when they deliver it.

While they are on-site, try out the features and see what they can do. If you have any questions or concerns, ask before they leave. You need to feel confident you can safely and correctly use those features to help the patient during their recovery. If you are negligent, it could cause them pain or additional injuries.

How much does it Cost?

The cost of a medical bed rental is far less than purchasing one. It costs less to recover at home than to remain in a facility. The cost depends on the equipment you rent, how long you rent it, and who you rent it from. There will typically be a clause in the agreement that you will pay for any damages or necessary repairs. If the equipment is returned in the same condition it was delivered, there won’t be any additional costs on your final bill.

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