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Grilling in 2019

Grilling is increasingly being embraced as the fun way of having a healthy, tasty meal. You may have observed large groups of people in public parks grilling while holding parties or having group get-together. Grilling is a social activity in the summer months and it is often an opportunity to sit out in the open with family and friends while having a good time with healthy grilled food and drinks. In recent times, it is no longer restricted to summer time, even apartment dwellers grill food in their porches over the weekend, no matter the time of year.

History of Grilling
Grilling has been a traditional method of cooking in many cultures and it has remained popular today because it enables you to cook food faster and yet retain its delicious taste. This is why grilling meats like hot dogs, pork or steak has become one of the top choices for preparing food all over the world. Most cultures have their own types of grilled food. 

In the Philippines, grilled foods are traditionally reserved for special occasions. One of such foods is the whole roasted pig (lechon) which is elaborately prepared by seasoning and skewing the pig and then turning it into a pit of charcoal where it is left to roast for several hours until it is very crisp. Slow grilling is very popular in the southern part of America where a tough cut of pork is often grilled slowly until it becomes a very delicious meal. 

Benefits of Grilling Food
Grilling usually involves applying dry heat to the surface of food, and it is a great way to cook your favourite meat or vegetable because they are healthier and tastier than cooking them by other methods. Grilling transfers heat to the food through direct thermal radiation and it gives grilled meat a distinct roast aroma and flavour which many find enticing. Apart from the attractive aroma and the outdoor fun activity of grilling, it has a number of health benefits which make many people sing its praises.

One notable advantage of grilling meat is that it sheds its fat while cooking. This is great news for anyone interested in cutting down their fat intake to avoid exposure to ailments associated with excessive fat consumption. Grilled meat also retains most of their B Vitamins which are essential building blocks for a healthy body. Grilled vegetables maintain their texture, and they retain much of their vitamin and mineral content. They take less time to cook when grilled than other traditional methods, so they retain most of their natural nutrition instead of losing them to the cooking water.

Simple Grilling at Home
Although much of our focus is on grilling on the BBQ, or in the garden, this doesn’t mean that we ignore very simple pleasures. Indeed, most of of us have the perfect kitchen equipment already in place to allow for easy grilling at home. Even if we don’t, an upgrade is often relatively inexpensive.

This becomes obvious when we look at some of the latest toasters on the market. We’re not talking here about the most basic models, but we are exploring some of the more high tech designs. The likes of Bosch, Morphy Richards and Russell Hobbs have really picked up on this trend. Rather than us attempting to talk you through the world of toasters, it’s probably easiest to direct you to the experts at Number 67 toaster reviews, as they clearly know their stuff. Home grilling can very much be within reach.

Occasions for Grilled Food
Grilled food is not limited to the backyard get-together. it can be a tasty choice for almost any occasion. It is perfect as part of the menu for corporate events such as staff parties and it is great for football pitches and golf courses where spectators can enjoy a delicious menu as part of the entertainment. 

A variety of grilled options are possible. Meat lovers might want to choose between Cajun spiced chicken, pepper with onion skewer and Lebanese lamb kotta or American style barbecue ribs. Vegetarians are not left out. They too can enjoy Tandoori grilled broccoli and cauliflower kebab or Mediterranean halloumi and roasted vegetable skewer. Sea food lovers may opt for Cajun spiced salmon and pepper, Chilli lime marinated seas bass or the Brazilian spiced prawn skewer. The possibilities are endless.

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