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Grilled Food: An Inspired Choice

Grilled food is fast becoming the popular choice for many people these days, not only for casual, outdoor entertaining, but for special occasions as well. Besides tasting great, there are many other benefits that anyone can enjoy when eating grilled food, such as:

• There is less fat with grilled food
• Grilling locks in the moisture, leaving meat juicy and tender
• Grilled food contains fewer calories
• Essential vitamins are not lost in grilled meat and vegetables

What type of grilled foods do people enjoy the most?
There are countless scrumptious grilled foods that are popular with people, just a few of these include:

Main meals
• Grilled chicken drumsticks with savoury caramel glaze
• Grilled mullet with charred onions, topped with a sweet and sour pine nut sauce
• Pork shoulder with grilled mustard greens
• Grilled brisket with an incredible scallion and peanut salsa

Side dishes
• Grilled corn salad with avocado, topped with a hot honey and lime dressing
• Grilled carrots with mint and avocado
• Grilled broccoli with sesame and avocado

Why do people enjoy grilled food?
There are several reasons why people enjoy grilled food:

• It gives food a really good taste
• It’s a great, social way to eat
• If prepared properly, grilled food is healthy
• It’s a fun way of cooking where the whole family can get involved
• Just about any type of food, from fruit, to vegetables, to fish, to meat can be grilled and enjoyed as a meal
• Food can be grilled for any occasion, from a casual get-together with friends, to a complete Christmas dinner with all the trimmings

Must-try grilled foods from around the world
Grilling is a tasty method of cooking meats and other proteins like cheese and tofu, which has prompted people from many other countries in the world to come up with their own version of this way of preparing foods. For instance:

Carne asada. This marinated steak is grilled over a charcoal fire and usually served in warm tortillas as a taco filling. 

Bulgogi – “fire meat”. According to the Korea Journal, bulgogi has been enjoyed since the Goguryeo period – 37 BCE to 558 CE and consists of thin slices of grilled, marinated beef. Although ribeye is most often used to prepare this meal, some people prefer brisket or sirloin. 

Thai charred squid, known as pla muek yang in Thailand, is a popular, common roadside dish comprising of grilled squid served with a savoury sauce made from peanuts and cilantro. 

Halloumi is a sheep’s milk cheese from Cyprus that is meant to be grilled. When cold, the cheese is slightly rubbery and salty, but crispy and deliciously savoury when warmed up, which is the way it’s supposed to be eaten. It’s a tradition in Cyprus to eat grilled halloumi with watermelon. 

Being as delicious as it is and offering all of the above benefits, it’s no wonder that grilled foods are becoming the preferred choice of cooking with so many people all over the world!

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