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Choose the right catering for your wedding

Grilled food is part of the cuisine of many countries around the globe and each country have something unique that they offer to ensure that the taste buds of their citizens and visitors are stimulated with the succulent taste, flavours, and texture of the different dishes prepared on open fires or over the coals.

The fire counts
Grilled food is not just about the different types of meat, fish, seafood, vegetables and fruits used to prepare the different dishes but the different heat sources used to grill it on also plays a vital role in creating the exquisite taste of every dish. In many instances, the specific method and heat source used to produce certain dishes have been handed down over different generations and remains a closely guarded family secret.

Wedding Feasts
People getting married today are spoilt for choice with the different options available for catering to ensure that their wedding stands out from the rest. One of the catering options enjoyed by a large majority of people is grilled food, which has proven to be a tasty choice for people all over the world. Attending a wedding feast with grilled food doesn’t have to be just an ordinary barbecue but can be turned into a grilled food festival that will be remembered for a very long time. Many people tend to think about grilled food as only the American barbecue using a Weber and traditional American food being prepared but there is a whole world of grilled food out there which stretches over different continents that can be savoured and enjoyed, there will be variations between different regions but here we take a look at some great grilled food prepared around the world:
• On the African continent, we have the great South African “Braai”, which is the Afrikaans word for “Grill”. The South Africans are madly in love with grilling, to the extent that they celebrate grilled food with a National Braai Day. The main item on the menu is always meat, which can be either beef, mutton, chicken, pork or venison. They are also fond of having a seafood braai that would include different fish, prawns, crayfish and other dishes prepared on the fire. The different cultures in South Africa all contributed to the variety of dishes and food being prepared over the coals. It is not strange to find whole sheep, pigs or even oxen to be grilled over the coals for larger groups or weddings. The various indigenous wood types are used which all provide a different taste and aroma.
• On the South American continent, we find the Argentinian “Asado” which is also called “Churassco” in Brazil, this is the Argentinian national dish where large pieces of meat are grilled over the open coals on metal crosses. The country produces a lot of beef and their traditional “Asados” reflects it. They don’t use too many spices or marinades and in many instances, the meat will just be salted and accompanied by their traditional sauce, “chimichurri”.
• On the Asian continent, we find various grilling traditions and we will start with the Japanese “Hibachi” which refers to the grilling of meat, vegetables and noodles as part of the basic Japanese cuisine. This is the primary cooking method employed in the various “yakitori” restaurants that you will find all across the country. In summer it’s a favourite method of food preparation in the outdoors on a “Hibachi” grill.
• In China, they have two favourite methods of grilling food namely “Chuanr” which refers to the grilling of spicy lamb, flavoured with cumin on a skewer, and “Char Siu” which is coated, red spareribs that you grill using a fork over a charcoal grill.
• On the Asian continent, we also find the different grilling methods in Korea called “Bulgogi” or “Galbi” that is done over a grill set into a table. There is also the “Satay” grilling method which is spread over a number of Asian countries and the Arab and Turkish method called “Mangal” which has a distinct taste in every country but which is a kebab grilled over open coals.
This is just a few of the many grilling methods that can be found all over the world but it all has one common denominator, good food with a unique taste prepared over coals with the social aspect of the grilling of the food the most important. Jump to top

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